We also manufacture a full set of accessories, each sold separately, or as a set.

or buy the complete set for only R500!

A 400 kPa Safety Valve is included with every unit sold

Every unit manufactured and supplied by Bobaas Donkies comes standard with an inlet & outlet nipple, a chimney pipe and a Kwikot FI Temperature and Relief Valve, with compression outlet (400 kPa pressure rating). This red-indicator valve acts as a dual-purpose safety valve – to relief overheated water, and to relieve excess water pressure. We can also fit your unit with a 600 kPa safety valve, if you have a higher water pressure system, or in areas where the municipal water supply pressure is above 400 kPa.


Where poor quality is a concern to clients, for example, where there is a lot of impurities/chemicals in the water, or in instances where the household hot water usually usually turns a brown colour when the tap is opened, we would typically recommend an anode. 

At an additional cost, we can fit any unit with a sacrificial anode rod, but we need to state that there is no guarantee, nor any specific assurance that the anode provided will resolve problems as a result of poor water quality.

The anode is said to be "self-sacrificing" because it serves as a corrosion magnet to keep the geyser tank from rusting, safeguarding the exposed metal parts of the geyser.

Because the rod has a larger current potential than other metals in the water heater, the anode is typically constructed of magnesium or aluminum wound around a steel core wire. This ensures that the galvanic current travels from the rod to other exposed metals, preventing their corrosion.