Manufacturers of wood-fired water heaters

An old concept, with a new design!

Our stand-alone (off-grid) wood-burning water heaters are manufactured from premium quality mild steel, and they are made in South Africa. The mild steel plate and pipe used to make Bobaas Donkies range in thickness from 2.5 mm to 3 mm (depending on the unit capacity), and because of the galvanized finish, these units are protected inside and out against the formation of rust. Our units can also retain heat for up to 12 hours or longer, but this may vary depending on a number of external factors.

The unit basically consists of three parts, namely a built-in firebox, a water tank/drum, and a chimney/flue pipe. The water tank is supplied with an inlet water connection point below the tank, and the water to the tank is connected directly to the mains and or a gravity feed tank. Every unit manufactured and supplied by Bobaas Donkies is fitted with a Kwikot FI Temperature and Relief Valve, with compression outlet (400 kPa pressure rating). This red-indicator valve acts as a dual-purpose safety valve – to relief overheated water, and to relieve excess water pressure. 

Please also visit the 'our products' page for more information on our latest edition - the non-pressurized water heater!