Regrettably we don't install any units, and we recommend consulting a qualified plumber before undertaking a DIY-installation. 


Condensation is a common phenomenon that typically occurs when cool outside air strikes a hot chimney pipe, cooling it and causing the water vapor to condense. Condensation happens as a result of the temperature difference and, in some instances, it may appear like a water leak, but in actual fact, it is only a temporary effect.  We recommend a geyser blanket to help retain the heat and help with condensation.


In colder climates, it may be a little more challenging to completely prevent condensation from taking place, but you can try to regulate the combustion air, by making sure the chimney pipe is free of debris or any potential obstruction, and by maintaining a small fire throughout the day. Proper care and maintenance of the unit is important. Removing ash from the firebox after use, and cleaning the chimney pipe every now and again, will prevent the build-up of debris, and it will ultimately prolong the life of the unit.

No leaking

Please note that every unit undergoes a thorough 'leak-and-pressure test' before leaving our premises.

 We are confident in saying that any water that is ‘leaking’ down the inside of the chimney after starting the fire, is likely caused by condensation, which will eventually clear on its own as long as you keep a small fire going.

However, iIf water is persistently and continuously running down the chimney for no apparent reason, please give us a call.